STAR Denver A STAR IS BORN!  STAR was the vision of our founders to save time and enhance the quality of new and existing business relationships by meeting with like-minded professionals at regular events.  We will grow organically with like-minded professionals.

(1)  A professional is someone who has high character, competency and a circle of influence.  One who thrives through his/her business and civic engagement; and

(2)  Professionalism is something that is leveraged through collaboration and the spirit of actively sharing knowledge and assistance.

Membership dues are $600 each year.  Membership is by invitation only and is principally reserved to those with 7+ years of professional, business and/or advisory experience after approval by the Board.

There are many “referral-type” meeting entities.  Some charge as much as $1,000 yearly and require an annual commitment.  Others have nominal dues commitments, but STAR offers monthly venues that always have the quantity and quality of attendees that you deserve.


"How Does Your Life Purpose Show Up in Your Professional Life?"Laura_Murphy.jpeg

Scientists have found that living a life of purpose provides a higher level of ‘neural reserve’ in the brain. This neural reserve strengthens one's immune system and protects against cognitive decline and aging. Still, and perhaps most importantly, living a life of purpose means living a life with intention and hope.             

If this is the case for the human body…is it reasonable to assume that something similar applies to running your profession with purpose? Could any part of a business strengthen its immunity to challenges, protect against cognitive disengagement, and function with more intention and hope if the purpose was always front and center?  

So let’s have a real conversation about Purpose, or your WHY, or your gifts, and make sure you’re sharing them in the most fulfilling way possible for you, and for your profession.   

Laura Murphy owns Creative Culture Coach, a company that focuses on the imperative, yet often overlooked, need to build a vital, engaged, and inspired culture throughout every area of a business. She contracts for TAB Focused Directions and STAR-Denver’s very own Laura Drury, to run a few Business Advisory Boards and bring her unique approach to Executive Coaching to their powerful offerings.  

Laura’s eclectic work journey includes the intense, highly-trained requirements of a 911 Dispatcher for both Law Enforcement and Emergency Services where she was the first civilian to be trained by the FBI in Hostage Negotiations. She has helped more than a few Denver area businesses find greater success and fulfillment by re-vamping their approach to every little part of their culture.  

This will be a hybrid meeting and you can choose to attend via Zoom or in person at Yanni's Greek Restaurant. When you register, please indicate whether you will be attending virtually or in person so we can plan accordingly. If you feel unwell or have any COVID symptoms, please join us by Zoom for this meeting.

To register yourself or a guest for this meeting, click hereThe cost for guests to attend this meeting in person is $25. 

Friday, January 21, 2022
11:15 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Via Zoom conference call or in person at Yanni's Greek Restaurant, 5425 Landmark Pl #D109, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 

(The Zoom log in information will be included on the registration confirmation email you receive.)


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