STAR Denver A STAR IS BORN!  STAR was the vision of our founders to save time and enhance the quality of new and existing business relationships by meeting with like-minded professionals at regular events.  We will grow organically with like-minded professionals.

(1)  A professional is someone who has high character, competency and a circle of influence.  One who thrives through his/her business and civic engagement; and

(2)  Professionalism is something that is leveraged through collaboration and the spirit of actively sharing knowledge and assistance.

Membership dues are $600 each year.  Membership is by invitation only and is principally reserved to those with 7+ years of professional, business and/or advisory experience after approval by the Board.

There are many “referral-type” meeting entities.  Some charge as much as $1,000 yearly and require an annual commitment.  Others have nominal dues commitments, but STAR offers monthly venues that always have the quantity and quality of attendees that you deserve.


"Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace & Your Life from the Core"

What if you could rejuvenate yourself in your work? What if you knew a technique to turn that skeptical business prospect into an instant optimist?

On May 18th, Jeff Schuster, a Core Energy Business Coach, will speak about how energy influences the thoughts and actions of business leaders. Attendees will learn about 7 distinct levels of energy and how they either limit or empower people in their lives and the workplace. By recognizing these levels of energy, as trusted advisors, we will be better able to meet our clients where they are; and help them move forward. You will learn how energy can either burn you out or build you up. Most importantly, you will learn how you can choose the level of energy that is perfect for each important business decision. In a world full of analytical thought, you will gain insight into how you can use emotional intelligence to advance your business ambitions in a way that leaves your employees, customers and yourself happier people.

Please RSVP here by Tuesday, May 15th.

If you are a member, registration is free. If you are a guest, the fee is $50.

Friday, May 18, 2018
11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Chinook Tavern
6380 S. Fiddlers Green Circle
Englewood, CO 80111


STAR Denver