Dan Merwin


Senior Technology Consultant




Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: 720-256-7106

Address: 2185 S. Williams St., Denver, CO 80210

Website: www.tekefficient.com



Dan has worked in Telecom and Information Technology his entire adult life, holding various roles in sales and account management, sales management, as well as customer service management, primarily at Verizon, AT&T, and US West/Qwest.

In 2017, Dan decided to strike out on his own, in part due to his frustration with what he saw as the short-sighted and short-term thinking he encountered far too often while working for the large telecom companies. In his current role as an agent/business partner, Dan takes great pleasure helping businesses find the best providers and solutions possible based on their needs and budget, and at no cost to the customer for his services.

Dan came to Denver in 1984 by way of New York and the San Francisco Bay area. He lives in the University of Denver neighborhood with his wife, Marie-Madeleine (where French is the main language in their home). He has a daughter and a son, both in college. Dan’s primary occupation outside of work is music- he has been playing guitar and singing professionally in various bands since his college days at UC Berkeley.