STAR – Strategic Trusted Advisors Roundtable – is a connecting group for advisors.

Why Join STAR-Denver?

Trusted advisors are high caliber business professionals with strong relationships with their clients who seek solution-based services often outside the advisor’s area of expertise.

Our group gathers monthly to develop relationships, share business challenges, brainstorm solutions, and learn from informative speakers and other members. More than just a networking group - we form deep relationships with fellow members.

Our members believe that our knowledge and circles of influence ARE our currency. As such, we adhere to the belief that helping others build their relationships allows us to build our own. Doing so benefits our clients, our businesses, and our community. 


Visit a Meeting of STAR-Denver

First-time guests must be invited by a STAR-Denver member in order to attend a meeting or a social event of the organization. If you would like to attend a future event, a list of Members is available in the Membership Directory on this site for you to contact about coming as their guest.

How to Become a STAR Member

To be eligible for membership in STAR-Denver, you should:

  1. Have at least seven years of professional experience in your present profession and not work in an industry/profession currently represented by one of our members.
  2. Be a resident of the Denver area for enough time to make connections with other advisors and have a reasonable client base.
  3. Be invited to attend a STAR-Denver event by an existing member and attend at least two STAR-Denver events.
  4. Meet one-on-one with at least one Board Member.
  5. Submit a membership application. By requesting membership, you will be agreeing to conform to the attendance rules and professional standards as delineated on this page.
  6. Be approved by a vote of the STAR-Denver board of directors.
  7. Pay $600 in annual membership dues. These dues are prorated for those who join over the course of a calendar year.



STAR Denver