STAR's attendance commitment is nominal and would cost the same as having a breakfast or lunch meeting.  It has a long-term perspective and attendees who aren't there just to solicit business, but to develop quality relationships.  Frankly, the number and caliber of STAR's attendees and the fact they are not from the same professional background assures meeting new high-caliber people with the gravitas that is not offered by most other groups.  And, since the guests are rotating, about 20% of each meeting has new faces offering new connections.  First time STAR Guests must be invited by a Member in order to attend a STAR event.  If you would like to attend a future event, a list of Members is available in the Membership Directory on this site for you to contact about coming as their guest.

STAR Membership

The STAR Board and Members believe professionals' bodies of knowledge and circles of influence ARE our currency.  As such, we adhere to the belief that helping others build their relationships allows us to build our own.  It is good for our clients, our businesses, and our community.  This selflessness requires each of us to remain proactive in our promise to each other.

Download STAR-Denver's Bylaws here.

Membership Dues

2020 membership dues are $650.

How to Become a STAR Member

To attain STAR Membership you should:

  1. Have at least seven years of professional experience in your present profession.
  2. Be a resident of the Denver area for enough time to make connections with other advisors and have a reasonable client base.
  3. Be invited to attend a STAR event by an existing STAR Member.
  4. Attend at least two STAR events within a four month period.
  5. Meet with at least one Board Member, outside of STAR events.
  6. Submit a membership application.  By requesting membership, you will be agreeing to conform to the attendance rules and professional standards as delineated on this page.
  7. Be approved by Board vote.
  8. Pay $650 annual membership fee. This will be prorated for Members who join mid-year.

How to Maintain STAR Membership

As a minimum, unless a waiver is granted by unanimous consent of the Board, to attain and maintain STAR membership, a Member should:

  1. Attend at least six STAR events per year.
  2. Invite at least three Member eligible guests per year.
  3. Proactively meet and build quality relationships within and outside of STAR meetings.

STAR Members who are unable to maintain standards will be notified as to what compliance actions are required.  After 60 days, if the standards are not met, STAR membership will be rescinded to emphasize quality over quantity.

Download membership qualifications and requirements here.

The purpose of STAR-Denver is "to save time and enhance the quality of new and existing business relationships by meeting with like-minded professionals". To better assist our Members achieve this purpose we invite you also join us on LinkedIn.

What is the Difference Between a STAR "Board Member" and a "Member"?

In addition to accepting the responsibility of membership, the STAR Board Members develop and facilitate STAR's vision and monthly activities as well as vet new members for admission.  They act as STAR's Board, ensuring fairness and fresh ideas and will transition in 2019 with a new Board. Please see our current Board here.

Presenter Guidelines

The presentation format is for the speaker to address a topic they know well but not necessarily directly related to their business. The presentation should not be a promotion of their business, but a sharing of their expertise and experience. Presentations should not be more than 20 minutes in duration and should include table assignments that will stimulate discussions and allow each person to share their personal viewpoint and experience. The speaker will facilitate a wrap-up that will include report-outs from each table as their findings and any closing remarks. Download Presenter's Guideline.

Order a New Name Tag

Have you lost your name tag or changed organizations? Replacement name tags cost $15 and may be ordered here.


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