October 16, 2020 Lunch Meeting

“Human Resource Compliance Review”

What are the State and/or Federal regulations all companies need to know as they maintain staff and hire new employees?

As a trusted advisor, we all must be protecting our clients and/or associates with their most valued assets (people) and the ever-changing pitfalls that rise daily as we manage and supervise our staff.

Wes_Garnett_-_Bio.jpgDuring this presentation Wes Garnett will address the following topics:

  • As we hire new staff what are the federal requirements regarding immigration?
  • Once a candidate is hired, are we sure how to classify this new hire?
  • As we promote those same new staff members, what are the steps with the hiring and selection process that protect against discrimination?
  • Termination is another area that imposes additional state and/or federal Department of Labor requirements that can be catastrophic if not handled correctly.

These are areas that can help support a ‘pitfall free work environment’. 

Wes Garnett, President/CEO of W. Garnett & Associates, Inc., received his Bachelors of Science & Masters of Education from Utah State University and his Pre Doctorial program from the University of Pittsburgh. Wes has held Human Resource positions with such prominent companies as Burger King Corporation, Dell Computer Corporation, Black-eyed Pea Restaurants, and Taco John's International, Buca, Inc. as well as Red Robin Gourmet Burger. In June 2005, Wes started W. Garnett & Associates, a Human Resource consulting firm specializing in Human Capital Management Assessment (HCMA). HCMA are the systems, processes, policies and procedures that all companies should implement if they are managing a staff of employees.

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October 16, 2020 at 11:15am - 1pm
Zoom Conference Call
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